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Inside the Teaching Artist Studio is a writing project of Arts for Learning Indiana edited by Julie Patterson and Malke Rosenfeld. This project shares Teaching Artists’ unique hybrid existence as both artists and teachers in a deeper way than we’ve typically experienced, identifying and uncovering the meaningful thinking and learning that we engage in daily as professional teaching artists. 

In this space we seek to understand and celebrate what drives individual TA practice as both an artist and a teacher, and what we bring to students and classrooms that is unique and valuable. We are hopeful this project will help deepen our readers’ understanding of the work we do.


Arts for Learning, the Indiana affiliate of Young Audiences, Inc., is the voice of the arts in Indiana schools and communities. Our unique programs place professional artists in classrooms and community venues for performances, presentations, workshops, and other programs that connect kids with the power of art. We think art helps spark curiosity and ignite creativity, and we believe that when you connect arts with learning, kids get more out of school.